Pintér Garden

There are several little hidden gems in Pécs that are even known only by a small fraction of locals. And even less people really do visit these places on a regular basis. I’m quite sure that Pintér Garden is one of them.

This is a little bit sad since the whole botanic garden is beautiful and visiting it in a warm fall afternoon can be a very pleasant activity. On the other side, it’s nice to know that you can always find a silent spot and relax after a stressful week.

Located in the northwestern corner of Tettye, the garden got its name after Pécs-born banker János Pintér (1879-1933) who spent his retirement with establishing this beautiful area.

The Pintér-mansion is today the headquarter of the maintainer Duna-Dráva National Park that is also responsible for several parks and facilities in the region like the bat cave and museum in Abaliget or Old-Drava Visitor Centre in Szaporca.

The garden consist of two main parts. The under-garden is the original area established in the first quarter of the last century. The upper-garden has been established in 2013 when thanks to funds from the European Union the whole facility got a huge overhaul.

You don’t have to expect any extraordinary or spectaculars sights. The collection of plants in the lower garden consists mainly of protected plants of the region. There are several terraces and the small paths take you along sculptures and benches. You can find small ponds with fish and water plants too.

The upper part of the 1.8 hectares big park is more like a trail for hiking and it’s recommended to choose shoes accordingly. The steep paths take you to sighting points where you can get a marvellous view of Havihegy (learn more here) and the southeastern part of the town.

The sculptures around the garden are another feature to highlight. These real masterpieces by international sculptors and renowned artists from Hungary contribute a lot to the interesting atmosphere of the park. Some of the most compelling are Gnome by József Palotás (pic below) and Mother with Child by László Kutas.


You can visit Pintér Garden all year long (March 1-October 31: Mo-Th: 8am-4pm, Fri: 8am-2pm Sat, Sun: 10am-6pm. November 1-February 28: Mo-Th: 8-4pm, Fri: 8am-2pm) but the most interesting weeks are in the autumn and late spring. In spring the colorful flowers are the biggest attraction while in the upcoming weeks you should pay a visit because of the wonderful foliage that turns from green into red, brown and yellow.

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