The Pécs City Guide project started in Sept 2014 on IndieGoGo. Its goal was to collect at least €5,000 with the help of crowdfunding. That would have made it possible to operate the site for 6 months, with daily updates, weekly newsletters and all this without ads. To give a hint about the direction and possible topics of the site 2 teaser posts were published every week in the campaign period. And I made a video:

Unfortunately, the crowdfunding campaign ended Oct 15 without reaching it’s goal.

But after a few weeks of thinking and arguing with myself I decided to resurrect the project. I’ll give it another try. I can’t put as much effort in it as I’d like to and as much it deserves, but I’ll try my best writing new posts about events, culture, drinking and dining in Pécs. Sometimes there will be politics, too. And ads. There will be ads, too.

The site is in steady development. and if you have any suggestions or comments, or you found an error, or you would like to join, or help the project, feel free to contact me.


From February 2015 Pécs City Guide is not only a blog, but a free, monthly, print magazine too. Learn more here.